Dutch Product Designer 

Over seven years of experience working for various companies in the Netherlands, China, and the Middle East. Wide range of experience at large and small brands as a graphic designer, product designer, freelancer, design and development manager. Extensive knowledge of the entire design process from trend forecasts and research to various product development techniques towards the realization of complete design concepts, products, and collections. Hard-working ambitious professional with the ability to create structure within chaos. With a hands-on mentality not afraid of challenges and thinking differently, exploring new ideas. Always eager to improve and learn something new. Work together and individually think strategically and sustainable working efficiently towards the best results.

After receiving a bachelor of design degree traveled outside the EU almost one full year, exploring other cultures while doing various volunteer jobs. Moved to the UK graduated as Master of Arts with distinction (cum laude) while receiving two design awards. Currently located and working as a product development manager in the Netherlands.

A selection of work is visible on this website. 

Selection of companies collaborated with

Received Awards


Winner Third Place, 9th Mohammed Islam Design Competition 2017, WFTO Collaboration with HLHC and Tilingo Nepra – Fairtrade
Winner of Commended 2014 Star Award, Starpack 2014 Awards – UK – Packaging design contest (Individual)
Winner Bronze for the Creative Conscience Awards 2014 – UK – Collaboration project with multiple design disciplines