Hong Kong – Visiting Lecturer PolyU

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Collaboration project between the Design Academy Eindhoven and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, one design semester supervised by Ester van de Wiel, Fanny Hofstra and Imme van der Haak. Around the theme social city, encouraged students to explore the impact of citizens and their dreams and desires on designing cities. The project was exposed on the Urban Design and Architecture Biennale 2015 (UABB) in Shenzhen (China).

Students, living and working in Hong Kong, have a keen knowledge of their local environment. They are passionate, engaged with their social environment, slightly non-conformist and conscious of what they do. Within an educational design context they are able to move freely between set rules and boundaries. Based on personal observations of every day routes and routines they sketch new possible worlds. By exaggerating, enlarging, mixing, confronting or duplicating personal fascinations into existing urban landscape, new places emerge. Guided these young urban citizens demonstrating the value of local everyday knowledge for city design; of a world in which the city can become yours. With contributions of: Amy Hui, Arjan Matteo Das, Birdy Shum, Chu Yiu Fai (Wilson), Jacqueline Ko, Jacques van Haaster, Kwok Yuen Kiu (Greta), Lau Pui Hing (Vivian), Leung Ka Wai (Eva), Mak Ka Long (Kelvin), Milan Tak, Patricio Nusselder, Penny Wu (Ruby), Pim Bens, Wong Ho Yeung (Jonathan), Yoon Kyung Jung.