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STACKOLIVE A unique kitchenware collection consisting out of different fair trade & eco-friendly products. All made to enjoy, stack, store, display, and share appetizers. A playful collection that can be combined and used in many different ways. Ceramic pieces can be used as plates or lids. A cutting board can serve as a coaster. Different sizes of bowls and plates can cover and stack upon each other, closing, hiding, or showing the content. All pieces fit together on one bigger tray.  Storing, Stacking, displaying, and sharing items such as bread, fruits, vegetables, sauces, and spices. All olive wood pieces are made by local artists in Bethlehem where the olive tree is a symbol of peace. All pieces are fair trade and made by using traditional crafting techniques and tools known for many generations. Only machines locally available are used. The artists are sharing techniques, machines, and skills to make sure their craft does not get lost. Combined with ceramics made by artists in Hebron. Not to interfere with the olive fruit harvest, only pruned branches from the olive tree are used. The olive wood pieces are handpicked/selected, and dried carefully, creating one of the best qualities of strong olive wood. All items are named after a woman working at the guaranteed Fair Trade  “Holy Land Cooperative” in Bethlehem. Buying these products helps to provide a fair income for the local workers and creates more job opportunities, declining immigration. Made in collaboration with Dutch Design in Development, Holy Land Handicraft Cooperative Society in Bethlehem, and distributed by Tilingo Nepra in the Netherlands. Designed by: Studio Fanny Hofstra.

STACKOLIVE design was selected as a winner in third place during the 9th Mohammed Islam Design Competition at the 14th Biennial WFTO International Conference in New Delhi, India.





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