Pop Up – Community Shelter

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Winner Bronze Award – Creative Conscience Award 2014

A collaboration project between Fanny Hofstra (Dutch Product Designer), Victoria Coval (Moldavian Interieur Designer) and Elisabeth Tungland (Norwegian Designer). Focussed to improve the quality of life within large refugee camps. Designed a shelter which considers the needs of large groups of people.

To keep families together the set up creates small communities within the larger camp structure, with up to six beds to make sure that families can live together. Additionally focussed on hygiene issues by providing sanitary boxes and each shelter collects rainwater from their rooftop. The ground base of the shelters are square shaped. This creates the possibility of setting up the shelters in lanes or blocks together while creating roads to navigate in between. In a shipping container from 40m 6 shelters and 2 sanitary boxes can be shipped to the area, providing a living space for 36 people. Shelter unit includes beds, mattresses, first aid kits, cooking and cleaning basics, and storage room. Three shipping containers will provide shelter and hygiene for over 100 people. The Pop-Up Shelters have no loose parts which needs to be connected. To set up, the structure needs to be unfolded and the shelter is ready for use.